rolex replica watches Design Miami — Visionary Award

Design Miami/ and rolex replica watches presented the Mwabiwindo School with the 2017 rolex replica watch Design Miami/ Visionary award. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to design and, for the first time ever, it was given to a collaborative project.

The Mwabiwindo School will open in 2018 and serve rural students in southern Zambia.rolex fake watches It will be the second school that 14+ Foundation has developed in partnership with conceived Selldorf Architects in New York, artist Rashid Johnson, and architect and design firm Christ & Gantenbein in Basel.

The Mwabiwindo school will be constructed with 200 students in mind, eight teachers and a vegetable garden. Christ & Gantenbein also designed a mural and a Mwabwindo Series furniture.

Christ & Gantenbein displayed prototypes of their Mwabwindo Series Series at Design Miami/. The installation demonstrated the furniture's flexibility through its tectonic design by featuring many table configurations, including a cross, square and single long tables.

Rolex replica watches is sponsoring this award for the fourth time. Angelo Bonati, Officine rolex replica watches CEO, said that "rolex replica watches are an object of design." The watches are unique and distinctive,Omega Replica Watches but they also have a timeless design. Rolex replica watches sponsors this award. We support this great cause. It's amazing to be able help the children in Africa and support the school.

The Visionary Award winner is acknowledged for having made a lasting, tangible and sustained impact. Peter Marino (2014), Yves Behar (2015) and SHoP Architects New York (2016) have been past winners.

Jen Roberts, Design Miami/ CEO, stated that "The Mwabwindo School" is an exciting part of the fair. Design Miami/ seeks projects that have a real impact on our global community. "This award promotes our goal to build legacy through design and construction practices which protect people and the environment for future generations."

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