audemars piguet replica watches: Deep Breath

It's a warm, sunny afternoon in Antibes. There is champagne being poured and cigars being lit. Rolling Stones tracks of questionable quality drift up from the courtyard at Bastion St-Jaume. We are at audemars piguet replica watches's 2018 Classic Yacht Challenge. Eilean, audemars piguet replica watches's beloved yacht, is in attendance. I am on the upper level, talking with audemars piguet replica watches’s new ambassador, Guillaume Nery, a world champion freediver.

Nery isn't able to talk about diving as someone who has been doing it for over 20 years. Nery speaks with the passion and enthusiasm of someone who loves diving, even though it has been 16 years since his first of four world records.Omega Replica Watches He is almost opposite of the graceful, elegant figure he cuts in water - animated and exuberant. It's difficult to imagine the 36-year old charismatic doing anything else. Nery says, "I was afraid of living a normal lifestyle." "Thinking about my future, about what I could do in life, and all the jobs that are available, I was scared.replica audemars piguet watches I didn’t want to be a nine-to-fiver and take a few weeks off each year. I didn’t want that kind of life. Freediving gave me everything I wanted.

Nery is joined by a team of brave journalists who train on the ground with him.

Nery started freediving when he was 14, and was amused by his defeat in a breath holding contest with a friend. "I was pissed! "I got pissed off!" It was something I had never seen before, but it was something that I knew was special. I was watching a documentary on Umberto Pelizzari who was a legend in freediving and broke records just by holding his breath. "OK.

Dive to your heart's content

Nery, who was 20 years old, became the youngest world record holder and has broken many other records, including three more world records. Nery is driven by the challenge of diving. For him, it's more than just a sport.audemars piguet replica watches It's something that's almost transcendental. Enjoy being in another world is rule number one of freediving. The connection you feel with the ocean is strong and can change the way you interact with the world. It is the best way to see the beauty of the underwater world, including the fish, dolphins, whales and the light. It's all beautiful. It's all right there."

audemars piguet replica watches was the perfect partner for Nery, who spent his entire life competing in and raising awareness about the ocean. audemars piguet replica watches approached me immediately. It was the partner I'd been looking for. The brand is very close to the ocean. It's at their core. audemars piguet replica watches was originally designing pieces for the sea for marine professionals and submariners. They needed reliable pieces. It is essential to have a piece that is accurate and can be trusted when you are out on the seas.